Packaging|2021 Bits - New year gift envelope design
2021 Bits 牛年紅包設計






In Chinese culture, the New Year not only symbolizes a new beginning, but also reflects on the past year to meet new challenges.

Ox is the Chinese zodiac animal of 2021, and the ox also holds an important place in Taiwan's traditional culture.
In agrarian societies, people need a lot of labor to work to achieve higher crop yields. In the absence of mechanical labor, the traits cattle possess - endurance, diligence, and strength - perfectly match human needs. In order to appreciate the hard work of cattle, it is customary in traditional Taiwanese society not to eat beef.

In this red envelope design, we want to get rid of the oppressive atmosphere pervading in 2020 and give people encouragement. For this reason, we have reversed the design form of simple envelope material or pattern, and adopted the idea of combining blessing and encouraging creation to carry out the red envelope design.
The red envelope design is divided into two parts: the red envelope itself and the blessing language sticker. The red envelope itself takes the zodiac animal ox as the theme and converts it into a drawing board. Users can tear off their favorite blessing stickers and paste them on the red envelope to create and give blessings to the friends who receive the red envelope.
Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Photographer|Férguson Chang , Whitehand studio
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