Antler shaped food tongs|木匠兄妹工房 · 鹿角料理夾




In western cultures, wild deer are guardians of the forest; Antlers are also often seen in natural beliefs as a symbol of luck and wisdom, a symbol of hope, dignity and wisdom.

In this packaging design, we set the main visual axis of packaging as "mysterious, hidden and clean", and at the same time integrate into the cultural imagination of nature worship: the forest path surrounded by clouds and mists in the mountains, and the lively environment also hides the ancient legend spread in the elders' oral narration.

In the structural design part, the client wanted to show the product's own modeling design features: antlers; For this reason, we use the techniques of special modeling window opening on the overall packaging structure, so that the product modeling can echo with the visual theme of packaging, and the use of large area bronzing process in the printing part to increase the overall delicacy of the gift.

Client|木匠兄妹工房 Woodberg
Designer|Louis Chiu
Photography|WU2 Studio

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