AOI Coffee Packaging|葵咖啡包裝識別規劃



Simple to enjoy | easy to taste.    

No cumbersome appliances and complex steps, just tear the packaging out of the pace of life.

AOI Coffee, formerly a traditional coffee brand from Dongshan, Tainan, provides green coffee beans and related extension products. In the new brand positioning, we propose to take "pure, simple, diversified" as the main axis, readjust the product positioning and production line and provide five product categories. In the packaging design, the "diversified" characteristics of the brand tonality are transformed into "individuality" as the packaging theme. Different cup shapes represent five different personalities, symbolizing that each user can find their own product personality in sunflower coffee.

客戶 Client|AOI CAFE 葵咖啡
類型 Type|包裝設計 Packaging
設計 Designer|Louis Chiu 
藝術指導 Art Director|Louis Chiu
攝影企劃 Photography plan|Louis Chiu
攝影 Photography|WU2 STUDIO

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