Black tea Kombucha

在本次的包裝設計中,我們運用了柔和的暖色調作為基底,並搭配飄散的簡約茶葉圖形,象徵著產品本身的特色 - 自然、健康與活力。

Kombucha is a fermented tea made from tea, sugar, remixed bacteria and symbiotic yeast. During the process, the bacteria will take tea and sugar as nutrients, and after the transformation will produce trace amounts of alcohol and acetic acid, thus producing a unique sour and sweet taste like fruit vinegar. Some kombucha drinks, which have been fermented for a long time, have a slight air bubble, in addition to a strong sour taste.
In this packaging design, we used soft warm color as the base, and with the simple floating tea graphics, symbolizing the characteristics of the product itself - nature, health and vitality.

Designer|Louis Chiu & Kevin Lin

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