Branding|熊草人 Hsiung's Herbs
熊草人以東方醫學中 - 氣、形、神的理念作為核心,結合傳統藥理與現代科學,探求天然植物草本的創新產品,使健康與美麗的共存成為可能。

Chinese medicine, also known as "han medicine", is a traditional medicine originated in China and has a history of more than one thousand years.
With the eastern medicine - energy, form, spirit as the core of the concept, combined with traditional pharmacology and modern science, Hsiung's Herbs to explore the innovative products of natural plants and herbs, so as to make the coexistence of health and beauty possible.
Client|熊草人 Hsiung's Herbs
Designer|Louis Chiu
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