Branding|Drunk Brewing  醉精釀
醉 · 精釀 發跡於擁有深厚釀造酒文化的亞洲。


Drunk · brewing originated in Asia, which has a deep wine culture.
In China, it is said that animals have the habit of storing fruits and sometimes produce monkey wine (monkey wine) accidentally due to natural fermentation. However, human beings evolved from ape like animals, so wine may be as ancient as human beings themselves.
Because the founder has the incomparable enthusiasm for wine tasting and craft beer, insists to produce the high quality and the high standard craft beer, then introduces the original brewing technology and the high quality raw material from the beer birthplace - Germany, and combines the Chinese traditional drinking culture and the human spirit, lets the old soul have the brand-new life.

Client|Drunk Brewing 醉精釀
Designer|Louis Chiu

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