Branding|Josean Market 揪鮮
因為想將這些對於在地優質產品的知識分享給更多人知道,創辦人決定創立揪鮮市集,名稱已自己與伴侶的英文名字Jolin / Sean並結合台語諧音,表達親民、精選及獨特的產品精神。

The founders and his partner are local people from Tainan who grew up in this time-honored land and know that in addition to the general market style of products, there are more products of high quality that are not known in the origin, but also unique and realistic price.
Because they wanted to share their knowledge of local quality products with more people, they decided to set up a new market with his and his partner English name - Jolin and Sean , and the Taiwanese homonym to express the product spirit of affinity, selection and uniqueness.

Client|Josean Market 
Designer|Louis Chiu
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