Chin Yi Ya | Tea Taiwan Alpine  沁一葉 · 台灣高山茶
沁一葉是一間提供高品質台灣高山茶的台南茶行。 創辦人的父親因從事往來各地的國際貿易,在商務洽談的場合中,經常會需要攜帶相襯的伴手禮給往來客戶,而作為最能代表台灣的文化象徵,非台灣茶葉莫屬。

 為了家庭的事業,創辦人從對於茶葉一無所知的素人開始,實地走訪台灣各地茶園,從種植、焙製、調配與產地中開始重新學習。 在接觸製茶技術的期間,來自不同領域的人們,提供自身的想法互相交流,同時也因茶葉而相聚串聯在一起;為了將這份心意與更多人分享,創辦人決定創立沁一葉精品茶飲品牌,期望有更多人能夠一起感受飲茶文化的美好。

目前主要以網路經營販售為主,但由於原有的品牌產品線過於雜亂,無明確統一的產品視覺區分,所以在經營面上無法精準鎖定目標客群,未來將重新整理產品線並使品牌視覺質感化,未來將以台灣高山茶作為主要販售商品,致力成為台灣高山茶專賣店,以旅遊伴手禮為首要目標, 延伸至台灣、國外伴手禮。



CHIN YI YA is a Tainan tea shop offering high quality Taiwan high mountain tea. As the founder's father was engaged in international trade, he often needed to bring matching gifts to his clients on business occasions. As a cultural symbol of Taiwan, Taiwan tea was the most representative.
For the sake of the family business, the founder started from people who knew nothing about tea. He visited tea plantations in Taiwan and relearned how to grow, roast, blend and produce tea. During the contact with tea-making technology, people from different fields provide their own ideas to communicate with each other, and at the same time get together and connect with each other because of tea. In order to share this idea with more people, the founder decided to establish CHIN YI YA boutique tea brand, hoping that more people can experience the beauty of tea culture together.

At present mainly Internet business for sale, but as a result of the original brand product line is too messy, no clear and unified visual distinguish products, so can't accurate target customers on the business, the future will rearrange product line and brand visual quality, and the influence, the future will be in Taiwan high mountain tea as the main selling goods, is committed to become the Taiwan high mountain tea shop, set in tourism as the first goal, extend to set, overseas.
In order to re-differentiate the product line, we optimized the old logo of the brand and reformulated relevant color specifications and visual elements; In terms of packaging vision, we sorted out its original product line, distinguished it by tea baking and grade, and gave it relevant packaging vision, so that the new brand could re-gather the brand customer group when it was launched in the market, making it easier for consumers to choose products and gradually cultivate brand loyalty.


以茶會友 · 自在真誠
Sharing tea with friends , be honest and sincere.

Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Planning|Louis Chiu / Yeh Chin-Feng
Photograph|Férguson Chang , whitehand studio

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