Packaging|Chin Yi Ya Tea shop 
沁一葉 台灣高山茶

Manufacture of tea
Tea harvesting → Sunlight withering → Indoor withering → Fermentation →
 Fixation → Rolling → Drying → Roasting → Finished product


The tea plantation master's efforts makes good product of Chin Yi Ya.

In Asian culture, tea is considered a fairly formal beverage. On public occasions, guests are usually served tea; The finest tea is also a great gift. In various banquets, if for some reason it is not possible to toast, tea will be used instead of wine. It is also polite.
In this packaging design, tea leaves, tea bags and other items are represented with different shades of color and carriers, and the tea harvesting, stir fixation, rolling and other processes in the tea making process are transformed into visual elements to express the delicate craftsmanship in Taiwan tea culture.
Client|Chin Yi Ya 沁一葉
Designer|Louis Chiu
Photograph|Whitehand Studio
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