Packaging|泉興號 · 十二禮經典禮盒
Chuan Xin Hau classic bride cake box
分享喜悅 · 傳遞回憶


Share the joy and pass on the memories
In traditional Taiwanese wedding customs, the dowry is a guarantee for the woman's family to prepare their daughter for a new environment.Until the modern times, even if the change of The Times, but a love of children's mind remains unchanged.

The Chuan Xin Hau classic bride cake box with a dowry as the design theme, for her daughter in ancient marriage customs prepared by the twelve gifts into visual totem, gold stamping printing process as delicate and historical significance of the traditional wedding, the use of double box designed to receive the gift box of the guest can feel host family children look forward to working with emphasis.
紙材|長瑩紙業 新百代紙 珊瑚紅
加工|燙霧金 · 燙白
Client|泉興號 Chuan Xin Hua
Designer|Louis Chiu
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