Chunnuan Dessert - Summer Fever gift box
春暖 · 初夏禮讚茶香鳳梨酥


在溫暖春日裡誕生的甜點品牌 - 春暖,主理人chen認為甜點所帶有優雅與精緻氣質能夠賦予人們力量與溫暖,如同春天能夠為生命帶來復甦;期盼以生命力與溫暖作為品牌主軸,向大眾傳遞美好與精緻體驗。


視覺表現方面 - 我們將設計主題中的"生命“以季節相映的花卉呈現,在與主題季節相互呼應的同時也象徵生命美麗且脆弱的特質。


Spring is the season of renewal and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Spring warmth is a dessert brand born in the warm spring. Chen believes that the elegance and delicacy of dessert can give people strength and warmth, just as spring can bring life revival. Looking forward to vitality and warmth as the main axis of the brand, to deliver beautiful and exquisite experience to the public.

In this brand packaging design, we first sorted out the more complex product lines of the brand, with the theme of "season and life" as the link between the future product category and the theme of packaging design, we will present the "season" with the image of four seasons, such as spring, early summer, autumn harvest, winter storage, etc. The product line, such as tropical fruits, baked nuts and French desserts, with different tonality of products in the packaging and brand tonality.

In terms of visual expression, we present the "life" in the design theme with seasonal flowers, which not only echoes with the theme season, but also symbolizes the beauty and fragility of life.



春末初夏, 午後的驟雨帶來泥土氣味。 回憶在烤盤上熟成,將甜蜜幸福轉化成酥; 點入些許茶香,繚繞間為奔放的夏日揭開序幕。 嚐一口童年的時光,酸甜滋味在果香中流轉、 享受一塊午後陽光的美好。

In late spring and early summer, afternoon showers bring an earthy smell. Memories cooked in the baking tray, the sweet happiness into crisp; Point into a little tea incense, between the wind for the unrestrained summer opened the prelude. Taste the time of childhood, sweet and sour taste in the flow of fruit, enjoy a beautiful afternoon sunshine.

Client|Chun Nuan Dessert
Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Photography|Whitehand Studio

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