DS Workshop identity


在本次的標誌設計中,我們以"大室"二字進行抽象的概念思考並轉化為視覺;大 - 意味著寬廣與設計的無限可能性|室 - 象徵空間組成的基礎元素、牆面以及天地。整體視覺呈現上將細節的表現程度做差異性較大的對比,體現品牌在基礎事物上對於細節的追求。

Walls and floors are one of the most basic elements that make up a comfortable space. 
They may not be the most eye-catching scenery in the room, but they are the key to the success or failure of the overall comfort and design. 
DS Workshop (Dah Shuz) takes the delicacy and perseverance in the spirit of craftsmanship as its brand concept, and provides wall coating and floor laying engineering services. In its logo design, it hopes to use elements that can represent craftsmanship and fine quality. In this logo design, we use the word "Dah Shuz" to think about the abstract concept and translate it into vision; Dah - big - means breadth and infinite possibilities of design | Shuz - room - symbolizes the basic elements, walls and walls of the space. world. The overall visual presentation makes a large difference in the degree of detail expression, reflecting the brand's pursuit of details in basic things.

專案類型 Type | 平面 Graphic
專案年份 Year | 2023
客戶 Client|大室工研
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio

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