From Nature wedding gift box



On this day that symbolizes love, lovers make vows to each other, and at the same time hope to share this joy with relatives and friends who come to congratulate. 

Love has all kinds of appearances, whether it is a vigorous love at first sight or a long-lasting love, do you still remember which nasty words of love touched the other party's heart? It doesn't matter if you don't remember, just open the wedding things and relive the purest heartbeat at the beginning. 

 We have given new meaning to the structural design of the simple packaging gift function of wedding small objects in the past, and used the love letter-envelope, which symbolizes the starting point of love, as the ingenuity in the structural design, combined the opening method of the Western-style envelope with the packaging; in the front visual part, the fruit The idea of ​​the slogan and the presentation of the pictures are interesting with the love story. 

When the guests open the box, it seems that they are also uncovering a love letter, and feel the joy of love with the new couple.
專案類型 Type | 平面 Graphic
專案年份 Year | 2022
客戶 Client|淡果香 From Nature
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio
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