Packaging|Genmai soup gift box
甘之如飴 - 玄米湯經典禮盒
Tea plucking


和敬清寂 わけいせいじゃく


在此次包裝設計中,我們以日本茶道文化的中心思想 - 和敬清寂作為理念核心,運用了茶道文化中所使用的各種器具作為符號在畫面中隨性的擺放,搭配柔和但帶有些微對比的色彩配置,象徵茶室與環境互相融合所形成的一種和諧狀態。

Genmai soup is a type of green tea unique to Japan. It is brewed with green tea mixed with genmai (brown rice in Japanese).
So genmai soup has the aroma of green tea in the tea soup, but also has the aroma of brown rice. Proper drinking of genmai soup can achieve a restful sleep, relieve pressure and other effects.

In the packaging design, we use the central idea of the Japanese tea ceremony culture - 和敬清寂 wa keyi se-i jia ku , (means harmony、respect、purity and tranquility) as a core concept, using a variety of instruments used in the tea culture as a symbol in the picture along with the gender, collocation is soft but with a slight contrast color configuration, the symbol of teahouse and environment formed by the fusion of a state of harmony with each other.
Designer|Louis Chiu
Photograph|手白 Whitehand studio
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