Identify|EZT 伊莉緹 視覺識別更新

伊儷緹為一美妝保養品牌,創辦人認為 - 每位女性都天生不同、獨立出眾。


EZT is a beauty care brand, the founder believes - every woman is born different, independent and outstanding.
In the process of making and research and development product, EZT pursues with natural and harmless raw material, the maintenance that makes the center with consumer and sweet atmosphere product, bring brand-new skin to nurse experience for the masses of women, make the body and mind get the pure and fresh nourishment of nature. In the act, from inside to outside bloom beauty, show confidence and independence, release their own charm.

In this complete recognition update, we have revised the font design of the logo to make it more complete and complete to capture the key meaning of the brand concept.
In the design of auxiliary graphics, we unify the brand concept into four main axis -- 
charm bloom | soul experience | life nourish | nature and primitive
And transform it into four basic geometric graphics and constitute the visual theme, so that brand managers can apply graphics in different aspects of product vision.

charm bloom | soul experience | life nourish | nature and primitive

Client|EZT 伊儷緹
Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio

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