在本次的識別設計中,我們以童年記憶為主軸,將嬰兒玩具 - 床鈴作為主題;將品牌名稱重塑、拆解轉化成玩具的一部份並加入手型圖像,傳達品牌的核心理念 - “每個孩子都是父母手中最珍視的寶貝。”在延伸視覺中也以童話及玩具的元素呈現,表現富含童趣與想像的品牌調性。 is a baby toys selection shop, select from all kinds of independent brands at home and abroad; From Australian organic clay to handmade building blocks full of imagination and imagination, you can always find the infinite fantasy of childhood memories here.
In this identification design, we take childhood memory as the main axis, the baby toy - bed bell as the theme; The brand name is reshaped, dismantled and transformed into a part of the toy, and hand images are added to convey the core concept of the brand - "every child is the most cherished treasure in the hands of their parents." In the extension of vision, the elements of fairy tales and toys are also presented, showing the brand tone rich in childlike interest and imagination.
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Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
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