吉米鹿鹿 英式奶茶

吉米鹿鹿的創辦人 - Jimmy,在平時就會為了喜歡英式奶茶的妻子每日上班前為她煮一壺奶茶。


在家人與妻子的支持下,創辦人決定將這份本來專屬於自家的獨特美味與更多人分享,以自己與妻子的英文名字Jimmy & Ruru作為品牌名稱,並將同樣源自於英國的寵物傑克羅素犬作為象徵,創立了吉米鹿鹿英式奶茶。


The founder of Jimmy Ruru brews a pot of milk tea for his wife before she goes to work every day.
In order to create the right flavor, the founders started with tea varieties and tried different varieties from different places in the world. In the process of learning to make milk tea, he gradually like to study how to use different proportions to highlight the flavor of various black teas.
After many experiments, the founder found a black tea from India, Assam, finally concocted a unique taste loved by both his family and his wife.
With the support of his family and his wife, the founder decided to share his unique delicacy with more people. He adopted his and his wife's English names Jimmy & Ruru as the brand name, and symbolized by his pet Jack Russell, which also originated in Britain.
In this identification design, we take the specific pose of the pet dog as the inspiration point, and combine the common arch elements in European architecture and the retro print lines as the visual vocabulary, so as to present the visual vision similar to the advertising billboard in the 19th century.

Designer|Louis Chiu / 邱炳淞
Client|JimmyRuru 吉米鹿鹿英式奶茶

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