JoAngry Ice Cream brand identity



"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one will taste like" 

 For JoAngry, life can be plum-flavored or matcha-flavored, no matter which flavor you choose, just choose what you love. Dessert making is a precise science, and for the founder who loves desserts, it is the place where the family emotionally connects; from trial production research and development to the fine handling of seasoning, it is like the repeated running-in and gentle tolerance between partners, guarding carefully good taste. 

 In the logo design, we turned the essence of the brand story into an impression, and used the abstract love to dance together as the language to convey the enthusiasm and care for the things we love in the brand story, crystallizing into gentle taste and happiness.

專案類型 Type | 平面 Graphic
專案年份 Year | 2022
客戶 Client|JoAngry 
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio

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