Julu rice packaging

逐鹿米源自於台東縣鹿野鄉 - 在當地傳說中,曾經有廣大的鹿群棲息於此;台灣東部群山環繞,先天地形條件在交通尚未發達的年代使這裡保留了珍貴的原生文化與珍貴自然資源,在經歷日本移民政策的進行之下,逐漸形成了台灣早期優質稻米的重要產地。

包裝設計方面 - 我們以台灣早期稻米以及相關民生用品的包裝設計作為原點,結合在地傳說與產品相關意象進行圖像繪製,以簡單乾淨的視覺調性呈現在地品牌的原生精神。

Julu rice originated from Luye Township, Taitung County, where, according to local legends, a large number of deer once lived. Surrounded by mountains in the east of Taiwan, the natural terrain conditions preserved precious native culture and precious natural resources in the time when transportation was not developed. Under the progress of The Japanese immigration policy, It gradually became an important producing area of early quality rice in Taiwan.

In terms of packaging design, we take the packaging design of early Rice and related articles for people's livelihood in Taiwan as the origin, combine local legend and product related image to draw the image, and present the original spirit of local brand with simple and clean visual tone.

Designer|Ting - Ting , Ku
Art Director|Louis Chiu

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