Kou Xi food packaging design


在識別設計方面,我們以“溫暖的家”做為品牌主軸,將品牌名中“熹”字的原意 - 「在火堆旁、在餐桌上團聚。」進行轉化,以火焰造型的文字筆畫作為視覺元素但保留柔和圓潤的標誌造型,使整體品牌調性表現溫暖、和緩的特質。
If there is one dish indispensable to a traditional Taiwanese dinner table, it might be a Taiwanese sausage with the right ratio of fat and lean, yet a characteristic sweetness. Guo Xi sausage in the inheritance of three generations of home-style flavor production, in order to the memory of the grandfather generation adhere to the ancient morning flavor inheritance to more love food customers taste.
In terms of identity design, we take the warm home as the main axis of the brand, and take the original meaning of the Chinese character "Xi" in the brand name - "reunion by the fire, at the table". The transformation is carried out, and the flame shaped text and strokes are used as visual elements, but the soft and round logo shape is retained, so that the overall brand tonality shows the characteristics of warmth and gentleness.

除識別設計之外同時我們規劃了新年送禮包裝,在主視覺方面以品牌理念 - 三代傳承作為主題;我們以台灣早期家庭中常見的廚房用具 - 菜罩子作為靈感:早期尚未有良好的食物保存方式,為防止蚊蟲玷污食物便以圓頂造型的網子保護食物。

以三種不同的紋樣造型代表品牌三代傳承的歷史,同時也以創意形式代表本次產品的三種口味 - 胡椒、高粱、原味。
In addition to the identification design, we also planned the New Year gift packaging, in the main visual aspect to the brand concept - three generations of inheritance as the theme; We took the dish cover, a common kitchen appliance in early Taiwan families, as inspiration. In the early days, there was no good way to preserve food, so we used dome-shaped nets to protect food from mosquitoes.

Three different patterns represent the history of three generations of brand inheritance, but also represent the three flavors of this product in the form of creativity - pepper, sorghum, original.


Client|Kou Xi Food
Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio

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