L'O Bleu Castella 青鳥|蜂蜜蛋糕禮盒

- 最簡單的幸福是珍惜身邊所擁有的事物,並感到知足。-

來自日本的L'O Bleu以童話青鳥中的故事理念作為引導,希望將"知足與真誠"的生活理念傳達給人們;同時也將其理念貫徹在產品之中,以最原始的配方搭配天然原料來製作糕點,使人們在品嚐到他們的產品之後,都能夠感受到純粹真切的幸福感。




The simplest happiness is to appreciate what you have around you and feel content.

L'O Bleu from Japan uses the concept of the Bluebird fairy tale as her guide, hoping to convey the concept of contentment and sincerity. At the same time, it also implements its concept into the products, making cakes with the most original formula and natural raw materials, so that people can feel pure and true happiness after tasting their products.

"People embark on a journey in pursuit of their definition of happiness, when in fact they have already achieved it, they just don't know it."

In this logo and packaging design, we show the overall visual elements of the story "Bluebird" with the concept of theater performance, from the beginning of the story, to the development of the midstory, until the end of the story. In the part of packaging material, we chose special dyeing paper to show the color characteristics of blue birds, and presented its appearance by convex processing and overlapping printing, to show the simple characteristics of the story itself.

Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Photograph|Whitehand Studio

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