mimekom security slim sim card


在包裝設計中,我們以科技領域中的原點 - 二進制作為發想主軸,將產品名稱標準字以二進制中的“0101”數字符碼轉換為視覺表現,簡化細節使字體轉換為幾何色塊並進行堆疊,呈現猶如條碼般的視覺元素,表現科技產品所代表的精密、智慧及未來感等特質。

MIMEKOM is a hardware-encrypted communication software specially developed for users who pursue communication security protection. Users only need to hold an encrypted film SIM card, download and install MIMEKOM software, and then they can have high security and high intensity secure communication experience.

In packaging design, we in the origin in the field of science and technology - and think with binary spindle, the product name in binary standard word of "0101" digital codes into visual performance, simplify the details make the font into geometric color piece and stacked, appears the visual elements, like a bar code technology products represented by the precision, the wisdom and traits such as feeling in the future.

Client|太思科技 TAISYS Technologies
Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Photograph|Férguson Chang , Whitehand studio

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