NKSD Choco|Wakfu western dessert
七見櫻堂 · 和洋西點禮盒


Focusing on the creation of Harmony west pastry, NKSD, fusion of original west pastry and elegant Japanese flavor; The blending of eastern and western cultures brings a new experience to the taste buds.

Yokashi is the general name for western desserts introduced to Edo In Japan in the 19th century. After refinement over time, Yokashi was integrated into Japanese local flavors and gradually developed under the Japanese fusion thinking.

In this packaging design, we take "integration and novelty" as the main axis of this packaging design, simplify and merge the original Japanese totem and western point shape, and use silver metal ink printing in color, presenting the minimalist thinking of Japanese Zen culture as a whole.

客戶 Client|七見櫻堂 NKSD Choco
類型 Type|包裝設計 Packaging
設計 Desinger|Louis Chiu
攝影 Photography|WU2 Studio

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