Packaging|Paradise Wheat Craft Beer

The Paradise Wheat craft beer from Hualien, Taiwan. Takes the classic Taiwan country song as the design and inspiration point, and the corresponding characteristic agricultural products are combined into the beer to form a special craft beer with local characteristics of Taiwan. As a packaging design concept, the classic ballad takes countryside, humanity, love and history as its theme. While tasting delicious food, it can also feel the local customs and customs conveyed in the song together.

詞|文夏   曲|黃中岳;佚名
紫米 / 小麥

詞|葉俊麟   曲|洪一峰
桂花 / 小麥

詞|潘英傑   曲|周藍萍
馬告 / 小麥

Client|Paradice inc.
Designer|Louis Chiu

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