RISO ART JAM是首次在馬來西亞舉行的孔版印刷展覽,融合市集、講座以及展覽的豐富內容將在七月登場,本次榮幸受邀參加市集活動,為此我們也以想像力作為本次產品設計的主軸進行構思,突破以往riso印刷作品多數為海報、書籍等靜態的表現方式,以早期印刷技術尚未成熟之時所產出的各種趣味玩具作為借鏡,設計了多種紙類玩具,使觀眾在玩賞的同時彷彿回到童年發揮想像力與自我進行一場奇幻對話。

RISO ART JAM is the first stencil printing exhibition held in Malaysia. The rich content of the integration of markets, lectures and exhibitions will debut in July. This time, we are honored to be invited to participate in the market activities. For this reason, we also use our imagination as the product design for this product. It breaks through the static expression methods such as posters and books in most of the riso printing works in the past, and uses various interesting toys produced when the early printing technology is not yet mature as a reference to design a variety of paper toys. At the same time, it seems to return to childhood to use imagination and have a fantasy dialogue with oneself.

專案類型 Type | 產品設計 Product
專案年份 Year | 2023
客戶 Client|/
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio

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