Sort of Chill Pineapple cake box


有點秋甜點工作室是一間不走尋常路線的法式甜點品牌,此次推出了與台北市立動物園聯名的中秋節禮盒,以他們最擅長的chill chill風格帶出對於甜點與可愛動物的奇幻異想,期望收到這份禮物的人們都能夠在假期中感受到充滿活潑與巧思的甜點之夢。
What activities do you do during the festive holidays outside of your busy days to enjoy your holiday?

You can book a flight to Hawaii to experience the waves at Waikiki Beach, or enjoy a holiday barbecue with friends.
You can also take a leisurely walk to the zoo and share the happiness with the mysterious animals that have settled in their new homes!

Sort of Chill Dessert Studio is a French dessert brand that takes an unusual route. This time it launched a Mid-Autumn Festival gift box co-branded with the Taipei Zoo, using their best "chill chill" style to bring out the fantasy of desserts and cute animals , hoping that people who receive this gift can experience a dessert dream full of liveliness and ingenuity during the holidays.
專案類型 Type | 包裝設計 Packaging
專案年份 Year | 2023
客戶 Client|有點秋工作室 Sort of Chill
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio
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