Taitung Spirit Festival identity
土地 · 軀體 · 靈性

源自台東的自然醒慢活季是台灣第一個訴求身心靈平衡概念的大型公辦活動,以山海力量及慢活概念企劃年度療癒活動,結合音樂.藝術.文創 .農食.自然連結人們與土地之間的生活連結。

land · body · spirit 

The Natural Awakening and Slow Living Season originated in Taitung is the first large-scale public event in Taiwan that appeals to the concept of body, mind and soul balance. 

It uses the power of mountains and seas and the concept of slow living to plan annual healing activities, combined with music / art / design / agricultural food / nature connects the living connection between people and the land. 

In this identification update, we take the original and rhythm as the main axis tonality of this identification, and draw the logo graphic in the image of the original totem, making it a symbol of the activity like a tribal logo. 
The mountains, The sea, the dancer and the medicinal herb tell the story of the gradual transition of human culture from the initial chaos to the wisdom group.
專案類型 Type | 識別 Identity
專案年份 Year | 2023
客戶 Client|自然醒慢活季
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio
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