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主題對應 / 
前導頁 - 守則 : 玄關 · 大廳
主菜 - 料理 : 和室 · 廂房
甜點 - 創意小點 : 庭園 · 中庭
飲品 - 茶水 : 茶室 · 造景

The founder of House Coffee, a Japanese coffee shop with four branches, designs their own Japanese characteristics and symbols for each shop. For example, Tseung Kwan O shop with a gable roof is represented by broken lines, or Wu Chi Sha shop located in a cement building is represented by rational straight lines. The founding shop, which symbolizes the origin of all things, symbolizes the initial meaning of yihaodian with "intangible".
In the design of this manual, we hope to express The Japanese image in the way of exploration and discovery in the visual design; We put forward "Home of harmonious" as the main axis of this design. In the part of visual elements, we extracted features from Japanese garden architecture and matched them step by step with the theme of the meal.

Subject correspondence /
Lead-in page - Rules: Entrance · Hall
Main course - Cuisine: And room, wing
Dessert - Creative little point: garden · Atrium
Drink - Tea: Teahouse · Landscaping

When consumers read the manual, it is as if they are touring an elaborate Japanese garden.

Type|Book , Graphic
Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Photography|WU2 Studio

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