UCHI Xmas Menu 

UCHI 屋子是一間位於香港的日系咖啡廳,品牌創辦人在這個繁忙的都市中特意為人們打造了一個舒適的空間,同時也提供著美味的餐點,讓顧客們能夠在閒暇之餘也能感受到現代精緻的日式風情。
此次為UCHI設計的聖誕菜單,以品牌中的四家分店意象作為發想,從擁有山形屋頂的將軍澳店,到現代城市風格的烏溪沙店;我們提出了"生活中的聖誕節"的概念作為設計主軸,使四家店的視覺分別代表城市 / 鄉村 / 小鎮 / 森林等不同場所的聖誕夜,並運用其四家店的象徵圖形 - 山形|十字|線條|無形構成視覺元素,展現聖誕節慶中人們渴望團聚歡慶的美好氛圍。

UCHI COFFEE is a Japanese-style cafe located in Hong Kong. Kenny and Candy created a cozy space in this busy city, while providing delicious food that allows customers to experience modern and sophisticated Japanese style in their leisure time.
The UCHI Christmas menu is inspired by the images of the brand's four branches, from TKO with its gabled roof to Wuxisha with its modern urban style; We have put forward the concept of "Christmas in life" as the design of the main shaft, make four stores visual represent the city/country/town/forest of different places, such as Christmas Eve, and using the symbols of its stores - yamagata | | cross line | intangible form visual elements, people eager to reunite in the Christmas festival celebrating the good atmosphere.


Type|Graphic design
Clinet|Uchi 屋子
Designer|Louis Chiu / Ku,Ting - Ting
Creative Director|Louis Chiu

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