Xiao Zhai Visual Identity System



"曉 Xiao", means that the dawn breaks, but also know, tell the meaning; 
The dawn house is a bright and ventilated house.

According to the founders, what we care more about is having a comfortable and habitable living space after the occupants move in, rather than a complicated design and noble materials. A good interior design means knowing the needs of the owner and helping the owner plan a bright, airy, livable home.
Logo design, we in the house in the hieroglyphics image as a point of thought, the modern text to disassemble the brush, into the ancient word in the roof (residential), roof beam (living space) relative relationship, convey both practical and aesthetic brand concept.
We use earthy color recognition and capture elements of construction drawings commonly seen in interior design industry to transform brand vision such as grid lines and roof beams into identification projects.

Designer|Louis Chiu , AAOO Studio
Construction production|日常鉄件製作所

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